From its quaint, ancient city streets to the striking mountainous terrain and dazzling sapphire coastline Montenegro truly is a sight to behold. This Adriatic gem is known for its clear azures peppered in yachts, but there’s more to travelling Montenegro than on the waves. Catch a train, hail a taxi or soar above, there are endless opportunity to explore and here we’re showing you how to get around in ‘eight ways’.

Touch down in the country by plane and you’re ready for your Adriatic adventure. The largest airport in Montenegro is in its prized capital, Podgorica, the perfect starting point for the onward journey. Jump in a taxi and head into the city centre. The city is a hotchpotch of modern malls and relics of its fascinating history – it’s had five names and two stints completely off the map. Explore the old and new in the city on foot or get around by bus , short journeys start from just 80c. Once you have perused the markets and sipped on a Turkish coffee or two in the Old Town it’s time for the next part of the journey.

An easy way to get around the country is by train and the capital is the best starting point with regular journeys to all over Montenegro. Head North and you’ll find a cluster of towns including Zabljak, Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac. Mojkovac is a small town that has recently begun generating tourism interest. Whilst small it’s a great location for nature lovers, being one of the municipalities that the National Park Durmitor spans across. Which brings us to our sixth mode of transport to experience Montenegro; bike , more specifically on a mountain bike. You will rarely see cyclists winding through the city streets, so if you’re a fan of travelling by two wheels then the mountains are where you need to go. There are several routes through National Park Durmitor which allow you to experience its imposing views of mountain peaks, glacial lakes and commanding canyons.

No trip to Montenegro would be complete without a tour of the coastline, the area for which Montenegro is most celebrated. To get out of the countryside you could get back on the train or hire a car , driving from the North to the South of the country can be done in just a few hours. The Bay of Kotor is known for its alluring waters, here visitors can explore the medieval cacophony of cobbled streets, churches and coffee shops on foot but the best way to discover this coastal town is on the water. Hire a boat or join a group excursion and travel along the coast to uncover secluded inlets and private beaches. Sailing is a truly special way to discover the secrets of Montenegro.


However you prefer to explore Montenegro there is bound to be something that captures your imagination. Whether you’re ambling through a city, hiking the mountains or sailing along the coastline, visitors are sure to leave awestruck with a piece of Montenegro in their heart.

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